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Troop Leadership

Here are descriptions of the scout Positions of Responsibility in a troop, the Troop Committee, Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster

This page last updated on September 05, 2023

Scout Leaders
Senior Patrol Leader

Declan L.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader


Assistant Senior Patrol Leader  
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader  
Den Chief  
Troop Guides  
Outdoor Ethics Guide  


Adult Uniformed Leaders

Scoutmaster Mr. Mike Pearl
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Bruce Bowlus
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Matt Breitenbach
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Julian Trotman
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Allyn Thompson
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Brian Dobson
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Randy Carlson


Troop Committee

Chair Mr. David Luhman
Treasurer Mr. John Mooney
Secretary Ms. Jessica Carter
Advancement Ms. Tiffany Carlson
Community Service Projects Ms. Suki Bagal
Training Coordinator Ms. Chris Sullivan
Troopmaster Administrator Mr. Gary Tole
Recruitment Ms. Melanie Pearl
Hospitality Ms. Nicole Genna
Eagle Advisor Mr. Gary Holland
Webmaster Mr. Bob McCarthy