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TroopMaster Web

Troop 76 offers a self-service Internet application for our scouts and their parents to access, view and update their personal records.  This on-line version of our scouting database, called Troopmaster Web, is a terrific tool to view your scouting advancement information such as Merit Badges, Camping Nights, Rank, Service Hours and much more. 

And TroopMaster Web stores contact information for scouts and their parents.  It's important to be sure that information is accurate.  During weather emergencies, for example, scouting families help each other and those in need.  Ridgefield emergency responders turn to our troop for appropriate assistance. 
As an Internet tool, TroopMaster Web can be accessed from any Mac or PC and, for many activities, you can even access it from your iPhone or Android smart phone, iPad or Android tablet.  (Full-featured access from a desktop or laptop is recommended).

Here's a brief tutorial how to get started, or click here to download instructions.

1. Visit http://www.troopmasterweb.com/troop76ct to create your own personal ID and password.  When the site is opened, click on the TroopMaster Web link to the left of the pictures:

2. You'll then be taken to a page with a Login Prompt.  At this prompt, enter the User ID "NewT76UserID" and the Password "NewT76Password".  Please use of UPPER and lower case text in the UserID and Password.  Then click on "login".

3. On this page, create your own UserID and Password for access to TroopMaster Web.  And provide the contact name and e-mail address for any messages about using TroopMaster Web.  When the form is completed, you'll see a confirmation page that may be printed for your records. 


4. You then click the "Close" button at the bottom of the page, you're returned to the TroopMaster Web home page.   For security, an e-mail is automatically sent to the TroopMaster Web administrator, an adult volunteer in our troop.  The administrator will approve your access to information about your scout and send you a confirmation e-mail message.  This two-step process assures your personal information remains private and confidential.  All this data in TroopMaster is stored in secure and encrypted files so your privacy is protected.

5. After you receive the confirmation e-mail from the Administrator, please take a few moments to reconnect to TroopMaster Web using your new, personal UserID and Password.  It helps your scouts and the troop to review all contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) and update as necessary.  

TroopMaster Web offers other advantages for increasing the troop communications but we are taking it a step at a time.  The first step getting you to connected into the site and update information about you and your scout.   After everyone has signed up and updated their information, we'll then begin using other aspects of this application.

We believe this service, once fully implemented, will greatly improve the quality of information we have about you and your scout as he progresses through scouting and is properly credited with Merit Badges, community service hours, leadership roles, camping nights, rank advancements, etc.

If you have technical issues or have questions, please contact Jana Hogan, jana.hogan@comcast.net.