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(The Legal Stuff)

This page last updated on April 22, 2020

This site is owned and operated by Boy Scout Troop 76, Ridgefield, Connecticut, and is copyrighted 2020 by Troop 76. Other Scout Units may borrow or use any materials on this site without permission and without charge, as long the material is used only for Scouting related purposes, and is not sold. 

This site does not collect any information about its users through the use of cookies or other information gathering tools and is fully compliant, at least insofar as we understand it with all requirements of the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The website is not used in any fashion to collect information about or from general visitors and it takes great pains to insure the privacy of the Troop's Scouts and Adult Volunteers is protected. From time to time the site may be used to collect information from our Scouts, but in those cases, it is not personal information but rather information relevant to Troop activity. There are also no interactive features like Chat Rooms and photographs, if any do not identify individual Scouts. The use of any specific personal information like e-mail addresses and phone numbers is for adults only and is present with the particular individual's advance knowledge and approval.

We're making every effort to protect copyrights, really. We've noted copyrighted material that we know about, and will continue to update this information whenever we get it. Please send us an e-mail if you see something you believe is copyrighted that we have not properly given credit. In any case, we'd like to point out that copyrighted material appearing here IS copyrighted, and cannot be used commercially without permission, whether or not the copyright is noted. If you want more information on copyrights, check with your lawyers. Also, there is an interesting web site, whatiscopyright.org, that discusses copyrights in more detail.

Our web pages related to advancements and merit badges may contain information that is copyrighted by the Boy Scouts of America. Information on these pages is provided for use only by Scouts and Scouters, and may not be reproduced for non-Scouting or commercial purposes without the express permission of the original copyright holder whether or not a copyright is specifically noted. Users of this web site are responsible for independently verifying the accuracy of any advancement information and confirming that it is correct and timely, and users must not assume that the requirements listed are the most current requirements. They may not be.

We provide a number of links to the web pages of other scouting and non-scouting organizations, include some for-profit companies. The inclusion of any of these links is solely for the convenience of the users of this web site, and it does not imply, nor should it be construed as an endorsement of those sites. Additionally, we have no control over the content of any of those sites. Finally, we do not warrant the accuracy of the information contained on any of these linked sites, and users are responsible for independently verifying the information contained on this web site and all linked web sites, particularly for any information related to health, safety.

This web site is not authorized nor endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America, Connecticut Yankee Council, nor this Troop's chartered organization, Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church. All opinions expressed herein are those of the web owner, and not the Boy Scouts of America nor Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church.

Any questions should be directed to the Scoutmaster or the Webmaster of Troop 76.