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The Value of Scouting and earning Eagle

Of any one hundred boys who become Scouts, some thirty will drop out in their first year.  Perhaps this may be regarded as a failure, but in later life all of these will remember that they had been Scouts and will speak well of the program.

Each of the one hundred will learn something from Scouting.  Almost all will develop hobbies that will add interest throughout the rest of their lives. Approximately one-half will serve in the military, and in varying degrees profit from their Scout training. At least one will use it to save another person's life and many will credit it with saving their own.

Today, six of the one hundred will reach Eagle rank, and at least one will later say that he valued his Eagle above his college degree. Many will find their future vocation through merit badge work and Scouting contacts. Seventeen of the one hundred boys will later become Scout leaders and will teach leadership to thousands of additional boys.

Only one in six boys in America will become Scouts, but it is interesting to know that of the leaders in this nation in business, religion and politics, three out of four were Scouts.

Scouting's alumni record is equally impressive. A nation-wide survey of high schools revealed the following information:

85% of student council presidents were Scouts

89% of senior class presidents were Scouts

80% of junior class presidents were Scouts

75% of school publication editors were Scouts

71% of football captains were Scouts


Scouts also account for:


64% of Air Force Academy graduates

68% of West Point graduates

70% of Annapolis graduates

72% of Rhodes Scholars

85% of F.B.I. agents

26 of the first 29 astronauts

AND a previous survey of leaders revealed that United States Senators, U.S. Representatives, state Governors, senior military officers, Chief Executive Officers/Presidents of corporations are Eagle Scouts.  Of the 214 former and present astronauts, 142 have taken part in Scouting. 33 became Eagle Scouts, including Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon.


This page last updated on December 06, 2016

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