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Troop Leadership

Here are descriptions of the scout Positions of Responsibility in a troop, the Troop Committee, Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster

This page last updated on March 25, 2016


Scout Leaders
Senior Patrol Leader

Clay V.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders

Dan W., Thomas V. & Griffin B.

Quartermasters Henri V. & Matthew H.
Scribe Ajay N.
Historian Maxwell K.
Den Chief  
Troop Guides Tommy K. & Ethan B.

Adult Uniformed Leaders

Scoutmaster Mr. Matt Breitenbach
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Bruce Bowlus
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Tom Wroblewski
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. D.J. Thompson
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Keith Realander
Assistant Scoutmaster Ms. Meredith Keating
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Tim Vilinskis
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Barry Tebbutt
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Michael Johnston
Assistant Scoutmaster Ms. Trisha Herlihy
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Randy Carlson

Troop Committee

Chair Ms. Jodie Francis
Treasurer Ms. Linda Johnston
Secretary Ms. Tiffany Carlson
Advancement Ms. Debbie Grissmer
Service Projects Ms. Lois Tebbutt
Fundraising Ms. Liz Griffin, Mr. Bill Griffin
Training/Membership Ms. Kristine Keaveny
Troopmaster Administrator Ms. Jana Hogan
Quartermaster Dr. Ganesh Natarajan
Uniforms Dr. Dan Fish
Hospitality Ms. Angela Breitenbach
Eagle Advisor Mr. Bob McCarthy
Webmaster Mr. Bob McCarthy


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