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Activities, Events & Opportunities

Information links or downloads are in blue.  For the weekly meetings schedule, click on the "calendar" link above.  The 2017-2018 schedule is available here.  Please remember it may be revised.  Complete the Consent to Administer Over-the-Counter-Medications form


Wreath Sales 2017

Once a year, the troop raises money by selling holiday wreaths to buy camping equipment (tents, tables, cooking gear, stoves, etc.), pay camping fees and help fund special adventures...the annual Ski Trip and the Really Big Trip.  Click here to download an overview PowerPoint presentation outlining the process.

Each scout in the troop is expected to participate in this two-part program by completing the following:
1. Sell a minimum of $375/scout, $625/two scouts in a family, $700/three or more scouts in a family.
2. Work at least one shift on the Saturday/Sunday of Wreath Delivery, the Materials Pick-up day or the Troop Sale at the churches.  Sign up here.
    (Troop requires that at least one parent in each scouting family volunteer for a minimum of one Sales, Delivery or Pick-up shift. 

Prizes.  All scouts who meet their sales goals will be entered in a drawing to win one of three $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards.  In addition, the top scout in overall sales and the sales leader of the new scouts will each receive a $75 Amazon gift certificate.
Please start selling beautiful Pine Wreaths and White Pine Roping now.  (download sales flyer here) Product descriptions and prices are:
- Small wreath (18” outer diameter) with red bow and three single pinecones.  $20.00
- Medium wreath (24" outer diameter) with red bow and three single pinecones.  $25.00
- Large wreath (30” outer diameter) red bow with three triple pinecones.  $35.00
- White Pine Roping (25 feet is $20.00, 50 feet is $40.00, 75 feet is $55.00)

Please note: Scouts are responsible for decorating their customers' wreaths with pinecones and bows.  Pick up all materials at the wreath and roping pick-up on Saturday, November 25th in the rear parking lot at Jesse Lee

Sales.  You may sell in-person, via phone, e-mailing/text messaging or posting on social media (after 10/17).  Try not to solicit customers who already buy wreaths from another scout in your troop.  All sales are in advance.  Wear your Class As for the in-person sales because a scout in uniform makes a positive impression that translates to additional sales.

Try to collect money for the wreath sales up front, when the order is placed.  (If you can’t collect money in advance, collect at the time of delivery).  All checks should be made out to: BSA Troop 76.
1. Use a ball point pen to complete the Customer Order Form (one per order).  If your customer wants a receipt, use the duplicate form and give them the yellow copy.
2. Organize the money, your customer order forms and your sales activity records.  Complete the tally label on the front of the money collection envelope.
3. Have a parent review the completed Money Collection Envelope for accuracy and sign it.  Turn in your completed Money Collection Envelope on December 5th.

Material Pick-up.  All the wreaths and roping will be picked up from the troop's storage trailer in Jesse Lee’s rear parking lot on the Saturday, November 25th from 10:00am - Noon.  For those who are out-of-town that weekend, special arrangements may be made for pick up by contacting Nicole Fortson at nfortson@gmail.com or text 646-283-9326.

Sales Kit Folder & Form Overview
Enclosed in your folder, you'll find the following materials:
- Customer Order Form
- Sales Activity Log (download spreadsheet file)
- Money Collections Envelope
Please keep all your sales organized in the green folder provided. (Extra forms are available at troop meetings and on the troop website-on-line.)

If you have any questions about the sales, please contact one of these adule volunteers: Nicole Fortson (nfortson@gmail.com), Sarah Sullivan (sarahpsullivan@comcast.net), Lisa Wrobelwski (wrob586@yahoo.com) or Maxine Margolin (ctmaxbeach@gmail.com)

2017 Wreath Sales Calendar
Tuesday, 10th…Wreath Kick-Off Meeting
Tuesday, 24th…Early submission date-get two raffle tickets if your order is submitted in full

Tuesday, 7th...Pre-sales tally due by 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, 25th...First Wreath Delivery to Trailer behind Jesse Lee at 8:00 a.m.*
Saturday, 25th...Material Pick-up at Trailer, 10:00 a.m. – Noon*
Saturday, 25th...Saturday Sales at St. Mary’s, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.*
Sunday, 26th...Sunday Sales at St. Mary’s and Jessie Lee churches*

Saturday, 2nd...Second Wreath Delivery to Trailer behind Jesse Lee at 8:00 a.m.*
Saturday, 2nd...Second Saturday Sales at St. Mary’s*
Sunday, 3rd...Second Sunday Sales at St. Mary’s and Jessie Lee churches*

*Scout and parent volunteers needed.

**Tuesday, 5th...Deadline for turning in ALL money, forms and sales kits at the regular Troop meeting.
**You will not be eligible for prizes beyond this date if your money has not been submitted.


Service Projects (Sign up for all troop-sponsored projects here)

Founders Hall (two separate opportunities)
This senior center hosts a great holiday party.  Be a part of making the magic happen and serve the community.
Wednesday December 6th: Two shifts, 4:30 p.m - 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Sign up here.

Jesse Lee Fall Clean Up
Saturday, November 11th from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Here's an opportunity to help our sponsor, Jesse Lee, clean up leaves from its property.  Bring rakes and work gloves, and wear the Class B uniform.
Jesse Lee supports Troop 76 and many other youth programs so let's support them.  Sign up here.

ScoutsCAN for Food
Troop 76 will be participating in the months ahead to empty the bins at the recycling center of returnable plastic bottles and cans.  The bins must be emptied only during operation.  The exit gate is closed at 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.  There's no access after hours or on Sunday.
  Here's a link to download instructions (.docx file).  For details and hands-on demonstration, please e-mail spencer_carlson11@icloud.com.  Check out TTSU for sign-ups.

Remember: a total of 12 hours of community service are required each scouting year.  Six hours are required between June 30, 2016 and mid February and another six hours from mid February to mid June 2017. Two out of the six hours each semester may be non-Troop sponsored, with prior approval from the Scoutmaster. 

For the troop to participate in a community service project, two adults are required to sign up and attend.  Boy Scouts of America policy requires two-deep adult coverage at all times.  We need everyone's help to enforce this policy.   If two adults don't participate in a service project, the troop will cancel the commitment we've made to the organization.  Important note for adults: when you sign up for log keeper, you must send Jana Hogan a list of scouts who participated and the hours they worked.

Read our service policy here.

Adult Training
Merit Badge Counselor Training
All Merit Badge Counselors will be required to get trained before the end of the calendar year. You must either attend a training session in person or take the online course.  It is a one-time-only training.  There will be additional dates offered throughout the year (and hopefully at Sequassen but that is TBD at this point).

Youth Protection Training
We are asking all adults in the troop to complete Youth Protection Training. Follow this link to complete the training: http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection.aspx

If you're interested in these training opporunities or have questions, please contact Kristine Keaveny (kskeaveny@yahoo.com).


Class B Shirts

If you need a Class B shirt please contact Mrs. Francis. The cost of the shirt is $13.


Shop on line and donate to scouting. It's free.

Our regional BSA office, the Connecticut Yankee Council, benefits when you shop at Amazon,

eBay, Cabelas, Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, and others. These retailers agreed to split some of

their income with Council. It's easy and costs you nothing. Help scouting by starting here then

choose your store.

Troop Texting
Stay informed with troop text messages. We encourage scouts, adults and leaders in the troop to sign up for this service.  It's free to sign up, but it does send text messages to your phone.  Please join one of the groups below by sending a text.  It's quick and easy. 

Scouts                                                                              Troop 76 Parents
Enter this number: (203) 403-2120                                Enter this number: (203) 403-2120
Text this message: @t76scouts                                       Text this message: @t76parents

Troop 76 Uniformed Leaders                                         Troop 76 Committee Members
Enter this number: (203) 403-2120                                 Enter this number: (203) 403-2120
Text this message: @t76leaders                                      Text this message: @t76comm

After you send your text message you'll receive a confirmation text that you're signed up.  That's it!