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Meeting Guidelines

Troop meetings:
- SPL, ASPLs, and Patrol Leaders meet in the side room for 5 minutes at the beginning of each Troop meeting to review the Meeting Plan for that night and make sure everyone knows what they need to do to implement this Plan.
- Service Patrol sets up while Scout leaders meet.
- Scouts arrive at 7:30pm and Service Patrol kicks off meeting at 7:40 pm.
- SPL assigns an ASPL and Troop Guide to each Patrol to better support Patrol Leaders, share their knowledge and experience with younger scouts and help Patrols be more productive.
- Scout leaders act as a role model and do the following:

•Wear scout uniform
•Actively participate in Troop meetings and outings.
•Avoid using electronics during the meeting.
•Show respect to others.
•Take leadership role seriously.
•Treat each other as equals.
•Be knowledgeable about scouting and scouting skills

- Scout leaders ensure that electronics are not used during meetings (Remind scouts of this rule and give a warning if electronics are used.
- At following meetings: Ask Mr. Keyes to hold onto Scout’s electronics until end of meeting.
- Games Master leads a game before clean up and close, as an incentive.
- Remind Scouts to take all their belongings and that items left will be put in a lost and found box.

PLC Meetings
- Use PLC meetings to complete a plan for each Troop meeting for the following month.
- Scribe writes up Meeting Plans and emails them to Mr. McCarthy, Ms. Keating, Adult leaders, Scout leaders.
- Use BSA monthly program themes as a starting point to plan meetings.
- Post flip chart paper on wall with calendar and potential activities so everyone can see and participate.

- Scout leaders need to check email regularly to keep up to date on Troop information.
- SPL will call ASPLs on Sunday evenings to ensure they know the topic of that week's meeting and how they need to prepare.
- Patrol Leaders will call all patrol members on Sunday evenings to remind them of the topic for that week's meeting and if they need to bring something or prepare.
- Patrol Leaders will call patrol members who missed a meeting to find out why, update them on what they missed and let them know their attendance is important.