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Scoutmaster Minute

Eagle Court of Honor - 05/14/99

Tonight we spoke of favorite memories of our two new Eagle Scouts, and the honors of this evening. But what about the future?

Tomorrow morning you’ll each wake up a little tired, very happy, and an Eagle Scout. Ten years from now, you’ll wake up each morning an Eagle Scout. Every day for the rest of your lives you’ll wake up an Eagle Scout. That’s the good news. The bad news? Each morning, for the rest of your lives, you’ll wake up an Eagle Scout. You see, it’s both an honor and an obligation.

You’ll get different reactions from people you meet. Some will find out you’re an Eagle and say, “it figures”. Others will find out you’re an Eagle and make things a bit easier for you, just because you’ve been tested. You might not notice however, since challenges often seem a bit easier, because you’ve been tested. Others will make things harder for you, just because you’re an Eagle. Again, you might not notice, because you can handle challenges. You’re an Eagle. Often, however, in a room full of people, no-one will know that you’re an Eagle except for you. But that’s OK too.

What’s an Eagle worth. To the BSA, about $16.50, the cost of the Eagle Scout Award kit. To the military, about $2,200 per year, the difference between the E-1 rank, where everyone enters the military, and the E-2 rank, where Eagle Scouts enter the military. To former scouts, especially former Life Scouts, the Eagle is invaluable. We were once close to the rank, but now can never achieve it. To most other people you meet, the value of an Eagle is the value that they place on you and your friendship. So you tell me what’s it’s worth.

In closing, I take my words from three difference sources. The first is from A. Nonymous (who seems to have written quite a bit): “Remember – Eagles may Soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines. Be careful out there.”

The second is from the famous author Theodore Geisel (we also know him as Dr. Seuss). For time considerations, I’ll abbreviate:

         This is your day, so be on your way.

         Go climb your mountain.

         We’ll be here.

And finally, I turned to the sage advice of that 23rd century philosopher, Mr. Spock, who said: “Live long and prosper”.

Brett and Dan, Congratulations and Live Long and Prosper.

Jay F. Lubin

Scoutmaster, Troop 76 BSA