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Scoutmaster Minute

Eagle Court of Honor - 01/14/00


This has been the first Eagle Scout Court of Honor of the rest of our lives, or at least of this year. And at this interesting juncture in the calendar, I’m certain that each one of us is overwhelmed by the bombardment of predictions about what the future holds, in almost every magazine, TV show, and newspaper. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I’m going to jump in the fray, and put my own two cents in, with my predictions of Scouting in the year 2025. In a sports analogy, it’s called “piling on.”

First, each scout, indeed each child above the age of 4, will have a personal information center on their wrist that will be a combination cell phone, computer, TV set, weather station, and GPS. And it may even tell time. But the Boy Scouts will still make map and compass reading an advancement requirement. And a good thing too, when the power goes out, or the satellites fail. BSA may even go back to morse code and semaphore training.

Next, I predict the hiking boots of the future will be infinitely more comfortable and lighter than today. But 80% of scouts will still get blisters during their first year in scouting.

Next, I predict that Citizenship in the Universe merit badge will replace Citizenship in the World.

And the easiest prediction in the lot – the Boy Scout uniform will go through 3 revisions over the next 25 years and will still be as uncomfortable and dorky looking as today.

But, with all seriousness aside, tonight I have met the future of Scouting, and it is us. The future of Scouting rests with the two Eagle Scouts that we have honored, and the many that will follow in their footsteps. The Boy Scouts of 2025 will emphasize leadership, teamwork, high moral values, and duty to God, country, and self, just as much as they do today. We have a successful formula – it worked on Mark and Greg. And the Boy Scouts organization is smart enough to know you don’t mess with success.

But we’ve also wisely planted a seed in these two Eagle Scouts. For I predict that Greg and Mark each, in his own way, will give back to his community, over the next 25 years, what they’ve taken away – enthusiasm, leadership, and Scout Spirit.

So Mark and Greg, my challenge to you, indeed my challenge to each Scout in the audience, Tenderfoot and Eagle alike, don’t make a liar out of your Scoutmaster: give back to Scouting and your community at least some of what you’ve learned and developed – your spirit and your leadership. And that’s my minute

Jay F. Lubin

Scoutmaster, Troop 76 BSA